Gamma Cygni Nebulosity Hi Resolution Mosaic
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1940 x 444

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Resolution 16000 x 3600 pixels

Cumulative Exposure approximately 50 Hours

Technical Details
Telescope: A&M Ritchey-Chretién 10" f/8 + A&M Optimized Doublet Field Flattener
Mount: Paramount ME
Camera: FLI ProLine 16803 + FLI CFW-5-7 (Astrodon Filter Set) + FLI PDF Digital Focuser
Exposure: L:R:G:B = 180:180:180:180 min (each frame: 4-frame mosaic)
Location: The "A.I.D.A." Association Observatory in Ragusa, Italia
Date: July 2008
Software: Maxim DL 4.5, CCDStack, Photoshop CS3, PixInsight 1.5