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Giovanni Benintende: Astronomical Images

Richard Bennion: Ewell Observatory

Massimo Bernardi: Astrophotography CCD

Adam Block: Caelum Observatory

Steve Cannistra: Starry Wonders Astrophotography

Adrian Catterall: Morden Observatory

Mike Chapa: Astroimaging

Jon Christensen: CCD Astrophotography

Richard Crisp: Narrowband Imaging

Kennet Crawford: Rancho Del Sol Observatory

Russell Croman: Fine Photographs of Celestial Wonders

Bob Fera: Astrophotography

R Jay GaBany: Cosmotography

Tom Galland: Oak Hills Observatory

Robert Gendler: The Universe in Color

John Gleason: Celestial Images

Don Goldman: Astrodon

Dietmar Hager: Stargazer Observatory

Piermario Gualdoni: Celestial Wonders

Tony and Daphne Hallas:

Tom W. Harrison: Mano Prieto Observatory

Stefan Heutz: Astronomical Images

Brian Lula: Deep Sky CCD Imaging

Steve Mandel: Galaxy Images

Carlo e Mauro Margaro:

Daniel Marquardt: Digital Astroimages

Jim Misti: Misti Mountain Observatory

Brad Moore: Southern Astro

Randy Nulman: Astro Imaging

Nicolas Outters: Astrophotographie CCD

Florent Poiget: Digital Photography

Wolfgang Promper: CCD Images

Cord Scholz: Astronomical Images

Franco Sgueglia: Astronomy

Mike Sherick: Imaging the Heavens

Chris Shur: Deep Space Astrophotography

Michael Sidonio: Mt Campbell Observatory

Andrea Tamanti: Images from the Universe

Loke Kun Tan: StarryScapes

Karel Teuwen: CCD Astro-Photography

Daniel Verschatse: Welcome to Antilhue, Chile

Volker Wendel and Bernd Flach-Wilken: Spiegelteam

Don Waid: Waid Observatory

Ron Wodaski: New Astronomy Press